Speak Up with Confidence: Open the Door to Dialogue
Do you wish you could speak up with confidence and hold difficult conversations in a non-threatening way? In this presentation participants will learn Crucial Conversation skills that will invite others to share their perspective in a positive way that leads to open dialogue and improved relationships and respect, and outcomes. Influential people use these communication skills to make smart decisions based on facts not feelings, resulting in increased cooperation and commitment. Participants will learn 5 simple steps to speak candidly with kindness.

Would you like to have the golden key that unlocks and secures every relationship? We spend 80 percent of our waking hours communicating, and 45 percent of that time listening. While listening is a large part of our daily routine, research also confirms that most individuals are inept listeners. Yet, listening is the key to all effective communication. Participants will learn and practice 6 easy to remember listening skills that will make them GREAT leaders.

Did you know that most people do not trust their leaders and those they work with? Because of widespread hidden agendas and extensive political maneuvering in an ever-changing global economy, most people do not intrinsically trust themselves, others, or the organization they work for.  Is it possible to break through this barrier and become a trustworthy, high-performing leader? Beth thinks so, and will teach you how to become powerful leader WHO has a heart using personal illustrations and principles from the New York Times bestselling book Speed of Trust.

CHART YOUR COURSE: Finding greater fulfillment & happiness at Work
Do you love your job? Are you excited to get up and go to work on Monday? Far too many people are casting about in confusion for what would make them more successful and happier at work. That's not good for individuals, managers, or organizations. Those who know what motivates them have found deeper meaning in their careers, find their days much more energizing and satisfying, and count their employment as one of their greatest sources of joy and pride. Through her personal story of job sculpting and career transition, Beth will inspire you to do more of what you love and less of what frustrates you.

All presentations can be tailored from 60 minutes to full day workshops.

Beth's speaking fee: $2,500 - $5,000 plus materials, and travel

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